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Business Card+Delivery

  • In this digital era, you might think that business card or name card is not that important for you or your business. But it actually helps you a lot. Business card or name card is the first impression of your business and it also a direct marketing tool to promote you or your business. It can bring more opportunity to your business by exchange business card with your potential customer. Easitech is glad to offer $16 for 2 boxes name card printing in full color with free letterbox delivery.

Prices below are excluded delivery fee & GST

Delivery Fee
1) Business Cards / Rubber Stamp / Stickers : $8/trip 
2) Others ie Flyers, Letterheads, Envelopes...: $15/trip

Business Card / Name Card Printing Material & Specification

Name Card Paper Material

Below is the material for business card or name card printing with Free Delivery.

name card printing artcard 260gsmArtcard 260gsm

This is the most economic card. Apart from the    attractive price, Artcard 260gsm is popular for name card printing due to its ability to preserve the vividness of colours of your designs. Colourful designs work very well with this material.

Name Card Printing Specification

Below is the name card printing specification, please call our sales representative if you need any assist
Standard Size for Name card
90mm x 54mm (smaller size is acceptable)

Bleed Size (Bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document)

+ 1mm of each edge (standard size 92mmX56mm)
Materials for name card Printing
Artcard 260gsm
Please proceed to business card product if you looking for other materials.
Minimum Order Quantity
200pcs and above
Printing Process
Offset Printing
Full color (CMYK color)
Not applicable for this Free Delivery name card. Please proceed to business card product if you looking for card with additional finishing.
File Format Accepted
.pdf, .jpeg, .psd, .ai, .eps, .tiff
300 dot per inch (dpi)
Business Card + Delivery Processing Day (including delivery) 

*Easitech is off on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

Note, Name card printing which is using offset printing process require longer processing time, please consider 2 Days Business Card for urgent order.
5 - 7 working days

Name card templates and designs guides

Template Guidelines

Namecard template in ai

Click here to download name card template in Adobe Illustrator format.


Design Guides

Please follow the design guides below to ensure your business card printing will have a high quality outcome.

A) Dimension Setting

standard name card size

1. Standard name card actual size: 90mm X 54mm (Can be smaller than standard size but if bigger than standard size, it will be consider as 2 name card or addition charge needed.)

2. Bleeds are required in all artwork with an image extending to one of the borders. Add 1mm on each sides to allow for cutting (example bleed size for standard sizeis 92mmX56mm). Refer to diagram above.

3. Your texts and designs should be 3mm away from actual size edge(Safety zone). This will guarantee your texts or designs will not be cut off. If you do not want your wordings or images to be very close to the edge after cutting, it is recommended to set at least 5mm away from actual size. 

B) Artwork Setting

1. Use CMYK color setting and the combination of CMYK should not exceed 250 and individual color should not be less than 10 (ie, Value in C+M+Y+K<250, and C or M or Y or K >10). Learn more

2. “Create outline”(Abode Illustrator) / “Flatten image”(Photoshop) to avoid missing font issue. Learn more

3. Do not choose “Overprint Fill” or special "transparency setting" (use normal only) to avoid unexpected change in color on the print out.

4. Resolution must be higher than 300dpi.

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Jimmy Seah on 03/02/2021

This business card promotion is value for money. Get my company business card printed in good quality. Lead time as promised. Good job!

Hui Shi on 19/10/2020

The name card printing + delivery option is great. The printing quality is exceeded my expectation, the outcome is good with this low price offer. I have engaged other printer before but the quality is terrible. Although the lead time is longer than others, but the price and printing quality is really good. Will order again next time.