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 10K Flyers Only SGD130 & 60% Still Read It

Posted on 16 Sept 2021

Do you think flyers marketing is still effective in this digital era, since almost everything is done over the internet? The answer is YES! Based on the study in the UK (refer Figure 1), flyers printing and distributions are still a marketing plan which is good and effective. The results show 60.5% of receivers still read/look/glance on door drop flyers.

Flyer printing is a cheap marketing plan and they are more targeted depending on how you use it. Print your flyers with Easitech to save more. We are offering 10,000pcs of flyers printing at $130 only. We also provide FREE artwork check service to ensure your artwork is good to proceed. 

P/S: No idea how to design your flyer? Engage our designer service which only starts with $50! If you are keen to design by yourself, click to know the 5 simple tips for creating a successful flyer design.

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Figure 1 : The results of receivers react to the flyer received.