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Why Food Packaging is Important for Food Safety?

posted on 30 November 2021

Most products are with packaging, whether it is food packaging, cosmetics packaging, electronic products packaging or packaging of a pair of shoes, those packaging delivers its purpose. Packaging provides protection, safety, durability and attractiveness of the product. Today, we are going to share with you why product packaging is important for our food.

Check out the 4 reasons why…

#1 : For Easy Transport & Protection
There is a distance from the restaurant to your destination and a good food packaging allows you to easily transport the food. It also helps to ensure your food is safe to reach its destination and to keep your food away from bacteria or pests during transportation.

#2 : Food Safety
A good food packaging should contain the important information of the product and its safety. Customizing printing of the food package allows you to label the ingredients or other information and allow consumers to understand the content of the food. Easitech’s food packaging printing services ensure your food pack is safe and leak proof. The materials we use is virgin paper material and the coatings inside the packaging are also food grade and eco friendly.

#3 : Packaging affect customers’ desire to buy
A large percentage of consumers' buying decisions are affected by the product packaging, message conveyed, color and information on the label. According to Seyens.com, more than 65% of people are visual learners. When the food is packed professionally, customers will intend to buy the product as they will think that the food pack inside will be in perfect condition and increase their desire to buy.

#4 : Increase Your Brand Awareness
As mentioned above, a nice packaging will affect the buying decisions of customers, so a good product packaging definitely attracts the consumers attention and keeps your brand in mind. Also, people nowadays are likely to have food takeaway or food delivery, so there is always an advertisement time when consumers carry your products with your own nice packaging. Sticker printing could be one of the solutions to promote your brand but customized printing on food packaging will bring a more professional and high end image.

Easitech provides food packaging printing and free design consultation service for your food product. Chat with our online support now to get more information.