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Why Flyers / Brochures Are Marketing Tools That Drive Conversion?

posted on 03/08/2018

Many people believe that a print marketing campaign is nothing but a retro fad.

They make a point that in this digital-driven world, there’s no reason to stick with traditional marketing strategies. 

But do we need to agree? 

Obviously not. Printed marketing materials including banners, flyers (leaflets), envelops, brochures, business cards, stickers and more are effective branding tools that make way for sustainable success. They convey the brand message in a fail-proof way and contribute in amplifying the brand awareness. The limited-space constraint that conjoins with flyers & brochures compels brands to convey to the point info in an engaging way. If done right, success is bound to follow. 

Today, we have curated for you some exclusive benefits of brochure and flyer printing in Singapore. Have a read and understand why modern-businesses still embrace the traditional print marketing materials : -
Brochures - A Printed Piece That Wins Clients

Brochures are among those printed marketing collaterals that never fail to make a statement before prospects. They look like an eye-catching catalogue featuring brand-related details to advertise any service or product. Here’s why businesses, irrespective of their size and industry love to invest in brochure printing : -

•  Brochures are generally made spiffy to grab the attention of potential customers. 
•  Not only they look great but are very effective. They do leave a promising and lasting impression to establish brand dominance. 

•  They are highly customizable and versatile. From adding razor-sharp images and crisp text on a single page to shaping an informative brochure booklet, possibilities to spread your brand message is huge!

•  Small businesses, especially those that work with budget constraints always rely on brochures to promote their offerings. Brochures ideally magnetize buyers without making you splurge as if there’s no tomorrow.

•  Lastly, being a physical material that can be touched, brochures are easy to access. They leave a better impact than emails and websites. 

Flyers- Affordable Yet Powerful Marketing Tool

Flyers, which is also sometimes known as leaflets, is an easy-to-design and cost-effective marketing material that aids to improve your brand’s visibility. You can consider them to be full-page advertising prints captures the attention of people alongside sharing your brand message. Have a look at the top reasons that impel businesses to choose
flyer printing and distribution in Singapore : -

•  Flyers make it easy to promote connected events and create a buzz in the market. 

•  They offer unlimited opportunity to be creative! You can avail the services of a dependable flyer printing company in Singapore and get highly-imaginative flyers that will make your brand stick out a mile.

•  Again, just like brochures, flyers too are tangible which makes it easy to get your message across. 

•  The best part is that flyer printing is one of the most budget-friendly forms of promotion. Even if you have a modest advertising budget, you can get flyers printed and distributed to create expansive brand awareness.

•  If you strategically choose the right time and the right place to distribute flyers, we bet you- you’ll notice a speedy lead generation. 

Advertising using brochures and flyers is an undemanding way to grab attention of potential prospects. Our company EasiTech provides cost-effective brochure and flyer printing in Singapore. We use the latest technology and deliver high-quality prints to make you stand out! Explore our services here and do connect if you need remarkable but low-cost printing solutions.