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How to choose the best sticker material to meet your need?

posted on 02/11/2020

Do you know sticker printing or label printing are an essential promotional tool for your business? Also, it is a cost-effective way to expose your business. In general, the sticker will be categorize into a paper sticker and window/glass sticker (a.k.a car park sticker printing). Today, we are going to share about why your business needs sticker printing Singapore and also how to choose a suitable sticker material for your products or services.

Why does your business/products/services need a sticker / label printing?
Every business needs exposure to boost sales. Sticker printing or label printing helps promote your business anywhere such as sticking the sticker on packaging, machine, bottle or even car windscreen. You can print your company logo, introduce your services and provide a call to action such as QR code on your sticker. Your customer can easily recognise your business and contact you when they see your sticker. In addition, you may print your products’ information, ingredients and even caution notices on the sticker and stick it on your packaging. This helps customers to understand more about your products' information and avoid any confusion or incident.

Sticker printing not only helps in promoting your business or services, it also brings advantages on improving the work efficiency and also plays an important role in an emergency. For example, a car decal or car park sticker on the car windscreen can help the properties or management to recognise if any unauthorised cars enter the building or occupy their parking lot. The car park sticker greatly improves the work efficiency of security. More, an insurance company or car workshop will definitely need car decals for their business. As an insurance company, providing customers with a car decal with printing of emergency hotlines is very important as the user can reach the insurance company at any time in an emergency. As a car workshop, a car decal printing with your workshop contact information and a column to write down the car's next service date will serve as a reminder for their next service.

What sticker material is suitable for my product or services?

Easitech does provide different types of sticker material for different usage. We have the material following :
Wood Free | Mirrorkote | Mirrorkote+Matt Lamination | Mirrokote+Gloss Lamination | Transparent | PVC | Bright Silver Polyester | Matt Silver Polyester | Eggshell/Warranty/Security Sticker | Car Decal/Car Park Sticker

Please check the graph below for more information :