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1.1  How do I place my order?
    You can placed an order via our website or thru our email: sales@easitech.biz
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  1.2  How to upload order with different files? E.g front and back, or mutiple names  
    Please zip all the files into one file and upload. 1 file = 1 job with same order specification.
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  1.3  How to upload file more than 10MB?  
    Please click  the button Upload file more than 10MB. You will be directed to yousendit to
upload the file. However, please also upload an empty file with your email and filename in the 
order page so as to proceed with the order.
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  1.4  Can I cancel or change my order? 
    No you cannot cancel or change your order once the order is confirmed.
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  1.5  How can I keep track of my orders? 
    You can log into your account to see your order status. Email will also be sent to you
regarding  the order status. 
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  1.6  What do I do if I am dissatisfied with my order? 
    If you are not satisfied with your printed goods, please write to our Customer Service within 1 week (7 days) of receiving your order. Please include your order number and reason for dissatisfaction. If you have not received your order within the specified delivery time, please write to us at Feedback not later than 1 week (7 days) from the date of the specified delivery time. Our Customer Service department will review your request and work with you to meet your expectations.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the artwork/document creation process. You must check carefully after coverting system convert the artwork.  
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  1.7  Will the color of my printed product match 100% to the original color of my artwork? 
    No. It is a known fact within the printing industry that 100% process color accuracy is not presently possible with the current print technology. Therefore, even if a printing company were to employ highly experienced personnel and the latest press technology, the outcome of color of the printed product will always differ from the original artwork. The level of difference however is subject from printing company to printing company. Our company color tolerance is -/+10%.
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1.8  Will I have to pay for the delivery of my items? 
    Yes the delivery charge is base on per trip. 
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  1.9  How will my items be delivered? 
    All goods are delivered by our appointed courier. EasiTech only works with reliable courier service providers that have good track records. 
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  1.10  When will my items arrive? 
    The delivery will arrive anytime between 9am to 6pm.
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  1.11  Can I collect my orders personally from your office? 
    No. You cannot collect the items from our office. All the items will be delivered to you. 
A delivery charge is applicable.
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  1.12  Can you send the orders to my customers? 
    Yes. Just fill in the shipment sent to others place and fill in the receipient address. 
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  1.13  What happens if I am not around to receive my goods? 
    Our courier service provider would normally contact you in advance of delivery. Please inform us if you wish your goods to be delivered at a specific time.  The specific delivery timing is subjected to 
the route of delivery on the day.
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  1.14  Does Easitech guarantee punctual delivery of my goods? 
    While we are committed to the timely delivery of goods to all our customer, we cannot guarantee you 100% punctuality due to factors such as Acts of God, national emergencies and the efficiency of the courier service company. 
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  1.15  What should I do if I don't receive my orders on time? 
    Please contact us thru sales@easitech.sg or call us @ 6100-3274.
Our customer service representative will assist you. 
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  1.16  How do I make a payment? 
    Below are the ways to make payment :
a) Credit card *subject to extra charge
b) Paypal *subject to extra charge
c) Interbank Funds Transfer
d) ATM deposit
e) Cheque post to our address or deposit to our account
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1.17  What is the printing process? 
    We use 4 colour (CMYK) offset to print. This enables unlimited colour combinations and optimum print quality. We are also capable of digital and spot colour processes.

To lower printing cost, we gang-run (please refer 1.20) printing orders, especially those in loose sheet form.  
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  1.18  What is CMYK printing?  
    Short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, and pronounced as separate letters. CMYK is a colour model in which all colours are described as a mixture of these four process colour. CMYK is the standard colour model used in offset printing for full-colour documents. Because such printing uses inks of these four basic colours, it is often called four-colour printing.  
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  1.19  What is the difference between offset print and digital print?  
    Offset results
Better quality, more durable, sharper images, better price for bulk orders.

Digital results
Not colour-fast, weaker lamination due to oil base ink, ideal for short run orders.  
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  1.20  What is “Gang-run” Printing Method and its advantage?
    Also known as “batch printing”, this method is a cost-effective and efficient way to produce all kinds of loose sheet printed documents. “Gang-run” printing is basically grouping customers’ orders for a similar product or requirement into 1 print run. By doing this, we are able to provide you with professional full colour printing at a fraction of the cost. Your short-run jobs become more affordable as the initial production cost is now shared by various customers.
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  1.21  What if the order qty or additional finishing are not shown in the website?
    You may visit here and email us to request a special quotation.
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1.22  What is our return policy? 
    Easitech Pte Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction. We will reprint or refund the cost of any product that fails to meet our customers quality expectations. However, we cannot take responsibility for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the document creation process. In an effort to keep costs down and pass those savings along to our customers, Easitech Pte Ltd does not review card documents for content or spelling. Learn More.
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  1.23  How can I view the paper material?
     You can provide us your mailing address and we will post the paper sample to you on the next working day. You can also pick up the paper sample from our office. We only provide paper sample so that you can view and touch the paper material. 
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1.24  How to request for sample? 
    Click here and fill in your address and contact info. We will post the paper sample to you on the next working day. Please contact us if you did not receive the paper sample in 3 working days.
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