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How to check name card artwork for printing

Below is the video on how to check name card artwork for printing.


name card artwork

Name Card Dimension Setting for Printing

 1. Standard namecard actual size is 90mm X 54mm.
Note: -
a) No additional charge if you like to cut into smaller size, but not small than 40mm X 40mm.
b) For material 310gsm artcard, the standard is 88mmX54mm.

2.Bleeds are required in all artwork with an image extending to one of the borders. Add 1mm on each sides to allow for cutting (example bleed size for standard sizeis 92mmX56mm). Learn More

3. Your texts and designs should be 3mm away from actual size edge(Safety zone). This ensures your texts or designs will not be cut off.

Note: -
If you do not want your wordings or images to be very close to the edge after cutting, it is recommended to set at least 5mm away from actual size. 

Name Card Artwork Setting for Printing

1. Use CMYK color setting and the combination of CMYK should not exceed 250% and individual color should not be less than 10% (ie, Value in C+M+Y+K < 250% and C / M / Y / K > 10%).

2. “Create outline” (Abode Illustrator) / “Flatten image” (Photoshop) to avoid missing font issue.

3. "Embed" the image / logo / picture to avoid missing link issue.

4. Do not choose “Overprint Fill” to avoid unexpected change in color on the print out result.

5. Resolution of the artwork must higher than 300 dpi.